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Counselling or psychotherapy - Are they interchangeable?

There has been much discussion recently about the different 'Talking Therapies'

Counselling and psychotherapy are designed to help you gain greater insight into your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

The process will help you to have greater freedom to make the choices you want in life.

They both involve being listened to in a non-judgmental and unbiased way, providing you with a safe space in which you can begin to sort out your life.

The main difference is the treatment times. Counselling is usually a shorter-term treatment. It tends to deal with more recent and often quite specific difficulties.

Psychotherapy is generally longer term, and seeks to look in depth at patterns of behaviour and ways of feeling that might have their origins in childhood.

I work in whichever way seems appropriate for each individual.

In this website I will use the word counselling to cover both interventions

Neither counselling nor psychotherapy can change the past.
But they CAN make a difference to the present and the future.

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